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root 1  (ro͞ot, ro͝ot)



a. The usually underground portion of a plant that lacks buds, leaves, or nodes and serves as support, draws minerals and water from the surrounding soil, and sometimes stores food.

b. Any of various other underground plant parts, especially an underground stem such as a rhizome, corm, or tuber.


a. The embedded part of an organ or structure such as a hair, tooth, or nerve, that serves as a base or support.

b. The bottom or supporting partof something: We snipped the wires at the roots.

3. The essential partor element; the basic core:I finally got to the root of the problem."

We need to be rooted in something that can sustain us when all else fall away. If there is no solid foundation on which we can draw in terms of how we define ourselves, in terms of being familiar with our own values true to our core being, and knowing our essence, we are in trouble.

Reality in such times can cause justified reason to panic, to feel overwhelmed and hopeless, and to experience total confusion. It may feel as if a sense of "self " is completely lost, and life is overbearing.

For this reason, it is emphasized that a child receives guidance and direction from parents as early and frequently as possible, in terms of defining their "roots". The roots that are established, need to be enforced regularly and nurtured. Hence the popular saying that a parent's responsibility is to provide their children with "roots and wings". When well rooted it is so much easier to fly, and to meet and embrace, the world's challenges, as well as gifts. It provides the core for a strong identity and a healthy self-confidence.

Herman Hesse described the absence of a strong root system as follows: "When a tree is polled, it will sprout new shoots nearer its roots. A soul that is ruined in the bud will frequently return to the springtime of its beginnings and its promise-filled childhood, as though it could discover new hopes there and retie the broken threads of life. The shoots grow rapidly and eagerly, but it is only a sham life that will never be a genuine tree."

Therefor it is necessary that when you find yourself in the storm you are able to dig deep and pull the roots of confidence from the ground of your being, standing firm in the raging storm until "sunlight blossoms inside you", in the words of Curtis Tyrone Jones.

Roots of "value" have to be below the surface in healthy soil. Be sure to invest in cultivating healthy "soil". How do you fertilize, water and nurture the soil you are rooted in?

As a whole integrated being, health and balance in your physical, emotional, social and spiritual spheres, are essential. All these spheres are inter-dependent on each other to ensure optimal resilience and grid. When one sphere demands too much in terms of needs and lacks, the whole person is affected. Often the result is feeling stuck and hopeless, with impaired quality of life.

If struggling to cope, to know your core identity and being, to find a strong foundation to bounce back from, it is necessary to enter a counselling process. We all deserve to be liberated and to soar in living our best lives possible.

Thoughts are roots; Words are leaves; Actions are fruits! Every success tree has all working normally!"

- Israelmore Ayivor

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