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Coping with uncertainty

Most of us don’t do well with uncertainty. With the current pandemic, uncertainty has become a constant. Many people are, as a result, at the receiving end of a decline in their mental health and general wellness.

It is important to focus on what is within your control and what not... Practice to accept what is out of your control, and to deliberately decide how you can embrace the current uncertainty and move along with it, instead of pushing back against it.

When we begin to accept things, a shift in our mind and energy automatically happens. We are often surprised at how resourceful and creative we become within a context of limitations when we start to work with a reality...

Take control back of your internal compass and meet uncertainty with hope and a growth-mindset.

Who knows what pleasant and life giving surprises may await you...

To accept and commit to a different way of thinking and doing, may be the best gift to yourself right now.

What prevents you from trying...?

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