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The Art of Moving On...

To overcome, to continue your journey and life story, you have to work and move with life. Life is dynamic. The only constant is the fact that there will always be change...

If you resist change and the situation is out of your control, you risk becoming ill, defeated and living life as a shadow of yourself and your well as discovering new opportunities.

You may revert to unhealthy and dysfunctional ways as possible coping mechanisms.

Resilience remains absent in such situations and the feeling of being overwhelmed is all-consuming.

Be open to change, be open to believe that challenges, setbacks and dissappointment, does not necessarily need to be disastrous and the end of your world. It may be the beginning of amazing opportunities for growth, self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities and learn how to move, support and assistance are available if you choose to invite it in...

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