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Can I change the way I perceive problems?

We have a negative outlook on problems and adversities. Challenges tire us and cause disruption in our lives and affect our being often to our detriment.

Yet, problems are an indicator of something that needs to change. It reveals unhealthy patterns in our lives where growth and change is necessary to continue our journey of self-empowerment and enlightenment. Our lives cannot stagnate and continue rhythms that is unhealthy. Problems indicate that we need to adjust our thinking, maybe choose differently, act with more control, become more loving, stop inflicting pain or cause harm, or need to seek assistance to move through challenging situations.

It is important to listen, to listen to the whispers within, to be in tune with your emotions and to work with them instead of suppressing them. They are indicators to where growth is necessary. What is currently telling you that an existing pattern or situation needs to change? Where do you need to act boldly and courageously? It is the only way to break painful patterns and unhealthy rhythms. Lessons learnt brings change and movement. Lessons not learnt cause repetitive detrimental patterns. Maybe you need to learn to set boundaries? Maybe you need to learn to love yourself more by making better choices for YOU?

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